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Individual Therapy & Counseling

Change is hard work. 

Without suffering and pain, it’s often hard to feel motivated to change. It’s smart to know when to reach out for consultation. Counseling or therapy provides the guidance and support to help you navigate stressors, deal with mental health concerns, and make essential changes with greater confidence and comfort. 

Couples Therapy & Counseling

Of course, anything worth having takes effort.

Things are bad and you and your spouse or partner need to make some changes. Now. Or maybe things are pretty ok, and you just need a tune up. Either way, couples therapy provides you with  a step-by-step framework tailored to your unique needs, as well as expert guidance and encouragement all along the way.  

Classes, Workshops, & Groups

Time to get equipped.

Our classes and workshops in Emotion Coaching for parents and teachers, and the Complete Marriage Toolkit workshop provides you with the latest and best research-based information in a fast-paced and engaging format. With professional expertise and the support and encouragement of others, learning is fun again!

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