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Our Emotion Coaching for Parents (& Teachers) class, and the Complete Marriage and Relationship Toolkit Workshop give you the latest and best research-based information in a time-sensitive format, and access to professional expertise all wrapped up in a fun and engaging learning experience.

Your instructor, psychologist Dr. Beth Schmit, teaches you the essential skills you need to flourish in your most important roles — as a spouse/partner, as a parent, or as an educator.

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Emotion Coaching: the Heart of Parenting

Classes & Workshops for Moms, Dads, and Teachers

If you could do one thing to help your child succeed as an adult (besides love them), what would it be? Decades of research has shown that the answer is… help build your child’s emotional intelligence…

The Complete Marriage & Relationship Toolkit

Classes & Workshops for Couples

The stakes are high…  With the divorce rate in the United States for first marriages hovering at 50% – and second marriages at close to 70% – what can be done to increase the chances that your marriage will not just exist, but will truly thrive?  Learn the essential skills and fill your toolkit with what works…  

“I learned so much about how to work with my boys.  When I lead with understanding instead of frustration, things go waaay better. I was able to apply what I learned the same day! Thanks so much. Great class!”

Mom of Pre-Teen & Teen Boys

Participant, Emotion Coaching Class

“With her experience as a mental health professional and as a wife and mother of two, Dr. Schmit knows her stuff and also knows how to make learning about marriage and communication, surprisingly, a lot of fun.”

Newly Married Man

Participant, Marriage & Relationship Toolkit Workshop


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