Elizabeth S. Schmit, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Psychotherapy for Individual Adults & Couples 

Together Better Stronger with Dr. Beth Schmit:

 Classes & Workshops for Parents, Teachers, and Couples

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Together Better Stronger with Dr. Beth Schmit…


Equipping you to build, sustain, and enjoy emotionally intelligent relationships 

Classes, Workshops, & Groups for Parents, Educators & Couples


For most of us, the two most influential and important roles in our lives are spouse or life partner and parent.  

 How well equipped are you to do an excellent job?  

Classes and workshops are not therapy, and are not a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling.

Classes and workshops are great for people who are basically doing well in their role (as parent, teacher, or spouse/partner) but who want to upgrade their skills and have the latest information on how to do an excellent job at these vital roles.

Elizabeth S. Schmit, Ph.D. teaches Emotion Coaching classes for parents and educators as well as a class for couples called The Complete Marriage & Relationship Toolkit.  

Indivudual & Couples Therapy with Elizabeth S. Schmit, Ph.D.

What you’ve tried just hasn’t helped enough…


  • You’re dealing with depression, anxiety and worry, or stress overload to the point that you aren’t yourself any more and you and loved ones are concerned.
  • You have hopes, dreams, plans, and a vision for yourself, your family, and your future but just can’t get traction on how to make it happen.
  • Maybe you want to heal an important relationship — your marriage isn’t doing very well, and you don’t know how to make things better.
  • You’re not sure what more you can do… you feel stuck and you’re getting so frustrated!

When you’re looking for a counselor or psychotherapist, you want someone who is skilled and experienced, and also personable and easy to talk to

  • Someone who will make you comfortable discussing important concerns.
  • An experienced professional who’s an expert in behavior change, and is skilled at treating a wide variety of emotional and behavioral issues.
  • An insightful and motivating therapist who can get to the heart of the matter quickly.
  • Someone who is warm and engaging, with a sense of humor and balance – who has lived a bit and has perspective on life.

It’s time to seek help from a mental health professional who will help you to capitalize on your strengths, heal the hurts and deal with the struggles so that you can live into more of your potential and really thrive. — Dr. Beth Schmit

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Elizabeth S. Schmit, Ph.D.   Licensed Psychologist

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